Arsenal’s Chances in 2017

As a proud supporter of Arsenal Football Club, my highlights in the previous few years have been two:

1) FA Cup
2) Champions League Spot

Unfortunately, only one objective has been achieved this year. We lost the spot in Champions League we had since ’96.

This turn of events draws me to one conclusion: Our overall performance has dropped significantly.

While I believe that the reason behind this is several folds, I also believe that the solution to this might be simple: having the mentality to take it all.

For the past few years, we had been celebrating a spot in Champions League, whereas our rivals were cherishing league titles, so maybe this will be a chance for us to focus on the league, instead of a champion’s league spot that only sets us up for more humiliation.

Season Overview

Finishing position: 5th
Total points: 75
Champions League: Round of 16
FA Cup: Final
EFL Cup: Fifth round

Talking about the League, the biggest setback that we faced was our performance against the bigger clubs. It was nowhere close to where it used to be. Arsene Wenger’s same gameplay over the past few years against these clubs was the reason for that. Our constant failure to perform against bigger clubs resulted in an 18 point gap from the league leaders, Chelsea.

We lost nine games and drew 6, recording more losses than draws, showing we lacked the ability to make comebacks.

Losses against Bayern in the Champions League showed how much we have fallen short.

Despite Alexis having scored 30 goals, Walcott 19, Giroud 16, and Ozil 12, we weren’t just enough.

Will this be our year?

I say, why not?

Wenger is staying, he knows the club better than anyone else, and if he makes some exciting signings as the rumor mill has speculated that Arsenal is willing to spend big to lure the best in Europe. Combine that with some new killer tactics; this might be just out the year.

Rumor has it that we are in the race for signing Kylian Mbappé, which will be a very good signing because Giroud just won’t do it for us. A young striker is just the thing we have lacked over the past few years, and with him playing alongside Ozil and Sanchez, who knows what wonders he will perform.
The earlier announcement of Sead Kolasinac is going to help and most likely strengthen the back.

Also, the contract offer to Rob Holding is going to make our wall stronger, given his top-notch displays in recent matches.

Having no place in Champions League will have us fully focused on Premier League, and with Arsenal’s new contract, hopefully, there will be trophies.

Europa League would be a good competition to play our youngsters, and rotate the squad, giving a break to the A-team, hence, hopefully, there will be fewer injuries this season.

This season was a disappointment to me, us, players, and club, so let’s hope we motivate ourselves and work harder on the field.

New season, new hope, I’ve got a hunch the Gunners will prove their critics wrong.

Ya Gunners, Ya!

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 Arsenal

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