How to Support Your Team Online

First things first, I will pull out my logo embossed Stein, or mug. Then I fill it with coffee (or the other stuff), depending on how intense my support will be.

Attire is not always necessary for the internet support, but the more team spirit, the better – so, reach for that jersey of glory, washed or not, doesn’t matter.

Now to business. Check out your club’s base site. Mine is This will get the blood flowing.

At this point of online activity, you only want incredibly one-sided, and opinionated material. Check out some archived highlight reels. Remember why you love football. Also, archived material is sometimes better if the current highlights aren’t necessarily great for your club.

If more inspiration is needed, how about kicking up some team spirit. I enjoy FANchants for a stellar effect on comradery. This blurred chanting puts together my online persona better than anything. Who cares if your flatmates become ill-tempered? Not me.


Know your club as if you mow the grass before they warm up. This is imperative to the following steps.

I get the latest new and stats from Arsenal Fan TV or Arsenal Mania. Use your apps. Statszone or Livescore are great for the mobile or stomping around your flat. Keep your apps open as if they are key members of your online support team.

If you’re unsure of any future posts or tweets, check your apps first. In a forum debate, nothing will ruin your credibility faster than getting a past score wrong, or not remembering injuries of a recent contest.

For a more objective approach, Telegraph is a great resource for current football. I have to swallow my pride for this one. There are plenty of other clubs, and many more opinions conflicting with my own.

Let Them Know

It’s time to enter the arena. Find forums for your club’s rivals. In my case with Arsenal, these rival clubs include Chelsea and Tottenham.

Enter popular blogs, or forums, for each team and start a fan squirmish. How?

Find some recent, or active, users, read their comment is supporting his/her team, then provide a rebuttal. Repeat this process.

I give at least two rebuttals per team site. That is four responses to rival fans. If you aren’t getting feedback quick enough. Try making absurd decrees boasting almost untrue accomplishments of your club.

Still no feedback? Try inserting some ‘subtle’ insults about some of their players. Consider their forward is a “flog.” Be careful not to get booted from the discussion. So, mind the vulgarity and swearing.

Also, targeting the fans with the most agro posts will get quicker responses.

If your game is on point, then enter the largest forum for European Football. Try, or Expert Football to find yourself in an arena for the most fired up.

Online Presence Known

Consider yourself established. What I do immediately following the routine above, is invert the process. Meaning, I travel the internet to forums, blogs, and sites for my club.

Then I defend any weak insults against my club, especially from critics with weak ammunition. Any incorrect statements about my club become quickly corrected maintaining my credibility while diminishing critics.

A solid day spent, I say.

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 Arsenal

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