Travelling abroad but don’t want to miss an Arsenal match? Here’s how

Don’t you just love holidays or a few days business trip; giving you a break from the tensed office environment? Well, same here. Although not frequently, I do get chances to escape my cabin every few weeks.

As the sales head of the overseas market, I have traveled to different countries. Travelling neutralizes the boredom that builds up with the repetitive work back in the office. It keeps me refreshed, stress-free and provides enough opportunities to try different tastes.

But my company’s next schedule has got me a headache. They are sending me on a 7-day job to Europe and that too when Arsenal has a match coming up. For the previous games, I worked overtime so that boss allowed me to leave early without anyone disturbing me for some urgent work.

To be honest, I am quite skeptical of Arsenal going to win this season. Even with the recent changes in their squad, the Arsenal’s chances of winning the title in 2017-18 look pretty slim; they don’t seem to have the spirit. But it’s no excuse to skip the matches of your favorite team, right? Let’s see if I can set up a VPN, once I reach there.

My schedule

Leaving on 4th and returning by 11th, I am sure of missing some of the fun. After finishing up my three days business in Rhodes, Greece by September 8, I would be flying to Tenerife, Spain.

I am quite hopeful to be there in time to see the match against AFC Bournemouth, LIVE. Just wish me luck that the entire journey is a breeze and the hotel has got a decent Internet connection. No, I won’t be skipping my meeting; that would be disastrous. It has been scheduled for the morning of 10th. So, I would have enough time to set up a way to watch EPL online live and also not neglecting my job.

Setting up a VPN

VPN – Virtual Private Network – allows you to remove the geographical restrictions put up by a website to selected regions. A good VPN service comes in handy while you are in a different country.

All you need is to sign up to a fast VPN service which can change your location to the UK. The service allows us to view the online streaming by providing the streaming service with a UK based IP address. I already have a list of few paid providers to decide among them. There are free (non-legal) providers too, by the way. But you can’t be sure of their quality and service.

When you want to see some live streaming, it’s better to use the paid services out there. They would be more reliable. And the process is simple, nothing very technical:

i) Download the software on the supported device (or devices)
ii) Create (and log into) your account
iii) Select the country
iv) Choose the streaming you want to see
v) Make the payment
vi) And… You are ready-to-go.

Few of them offer a money back guarantee too in case you don’t need their service anymore. So, if you too are on the move, settle down, get your device ready and support your team online.

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 Arsenal

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