Legend has it that my father abandoned my mother during labour to watch a rarely televised Arsenal game. Clearly choosing between witnessing my birth and watching Arsenal play was a dilemma for the old man, but if it’s any consolation, I got hooked on Arsenal.

Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Several years ago, I missed a connecting flight at Frankfurt airport. I was re-routed through 3 different countries, using airlines I had never heard of to get to my destination 48 hours after I put my suitcase into a taxi on my way to the airport.
I had to pass the time so I decided to write a travelog about the shenanigans of my comical journey, and the few people who read it were convinced I should give up my day job and become a writer instead.

My wife also got fed up of my constant moaning and bitching about the quality of football journalism and the diatribe being spewed out there masked as headline football news and opinion. She couldn’t have been more blunt in convincing me that I should either do something about it and write my own articles, or it was marriage counselling.

Fat choice I had there – and So here we are.

Well, there’s something else, but this is a tad embarrassing. I suffer from an acute case of Arsenalitis.

My therapist convinced me to find a way of addressing my obsession with Arsenal, particularly during the summer when there is no club football and during long drawn out international breaks when Arsenal players are sent into the reservation under the guise of representing their country in some useless friendly or qualification match.

On the record, and just in case anyone asks, Stone Cold Arsenal is a chronicle of my observations, analysis and thoughts about all things Arsenal Football Club. Off the record, let’s face it. This blog is prescribed therapy to help me deal with my illness of being addicted to the Arsenal.

5 Things I Can Tell You About Darius

Darius doesn’t do conventional and struggles with the concept of establishment.
Darius is cynical about politics and religion.
Darius doesn’t believe that the Americans actually went to the moon.
Darius is married to a die-hard Chelsea supporter and swears that she never mentioned this fact before the wedding.
Darius can’t cope with big words and avoids using them lest he gets inebriated in the exuberance of his own verbosity (and he had to use a dictionary thesaurus thing to check what that meant).

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