Netflix is Awesome but not in Australia?

I have always been a fan of Netflix and the hours I have spent in it, the movies and TV series I have watched are countless. Netflix has been there to heal my soul whenever I was in need of entertainment and I had been proud of myself as a Netflix fan. However I was disappointed to find out that I was not a dedicated fan after all.

In fact, I didn’t encounter its coverage limits until recently when I travelled to Australia only to find out that Netflix is not available there. It took me by surprise of course because I had travelled to many countries in the world and I was able to enjoy Netflix from every country I had been which made me believe that Netflix is a global streaming service.

Unfortunately there seems to be a considerably long list of countries that are still waiting to get under the wings of Netflix.

With a bit of internet research I found out that Netflix has been growing rapidly in the past few years owing to the preference Internet users have demonstrated.

The current customer count of this US based company is over 25 million and 43 countries are covered including Canada and Latin America where a majority of its customers reside and newly reached countries such as UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Netherlands and Sweden. I cannot stop wondering why Netflix skipped a country like Australia.

Further research made me realize that Netflix in Australia is not going to be an immediate topic in the news world. The statement made by the company after the launch of Netflix in UK and Ireland says “we will pause on opening new international markets until we return to global profitability”.

The company has put forward the expected insufficient revenues that are able to cover both international investments and expenses as the cause of the drawback of international expansion plans.

However the statistics show that the annual net income for the past 12 months extends over $200 million and analyzers say that this is a surprising figure for both the customers as well as the company itself.

However there are several other factors that prove Netflix in Australia is not going to be a reality soon. I believe that there are two major barriers against Netflix in Australia.

One of the two is the abundance of alternative players such as Telstra, FetchTV and Quickflix, which is considered as the clone of Netflix, which have found their way through the Australian community.

Apart from these popular services, there are numerous similar services that do the job of Netflix which might be the reason for Netflix’s uncertain decisions about Australia.

Apart from the fact that Netflix will have to face strong competence in Australia, the country’s high bandwidth cost stands out as another challenge for Netflix in Australia.

Although Australians have been complaining about the need of legal streaming services in Australia, the country’s responsible authorities have not considered lowering the standard bandwidth costs. Netflix has already announced that the opportunities in Latin America and Europe are promising and I believe Netflix has a lot to contemplate in order to make Netflix in Australia come true.

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