This page lays out the different ways that you can subscribe and receive automatic updates of Stone Cold Arsenal content. We provide 3 types of feeds.

Automatic feeds for our regular blog articles, ensuring you receive them immediately they are published.

A feed of the comments to each article so that you can know when others reply to your comments or contribute to the discussion with their own comments.

An automatic feed to deliver our newsletter straight into your in-box when it is published.
There are several ways of subscribing to the Stone Cold Arsenal articles, comments or newsletter. Subscribing through either of these methods ensures you’re kept up to date while giving you the freedom to choose where and how you’ll read the article.

1. Subscribe via RSS
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that allows you to have all your news sources, articles, audio etc, delivered to you automatically as soon as they are published.

I must admit, when I first came across RSS, I believed the hype in the name and thought this would be simple. I was excited by the thought of not having to gallivant all over the internet looking for interesting news.

It was far from simple, and I thought it would be useful to explain to some readers What RSS really is. If you’re not familiar with RSS, take some time to look at my ‘What is RSS’ guide.

To subscribe to Stone Cold Arsenal via RSS, just click on the big fat RSS button on the right side of the site.
Again, if you’re not familiar with RSS readers, I do recommend that you take a peek at our ‘What is RSS’ guide.

Clicking here will also take you to our RSS subscription page.

2. Subscribe to receive our articles by e-mail

If you’d rather have our regular blog articles drop into your in-box every time we publish one, then simply fill out this form below and it’s a done deal.

If you’re running a spam filter or a fairly anal virus guard that declares war on anything that resembles what it doesn’t like – you might want to ’safelist’ or ’whitelist’ our domain name –

3. Subscribing to article comments
For each article, there is a check box at the end of the comments entry form. This is the form you would normally type in your comments
If you’re a regular, it’s normally pre-populated with your name, e-mail address (which of course we don’t share with anyone) and your web, blog or twitter address if you have one.
Simply check the box at the bottom of this form that asks you if you want to be informed when a new person comments on that article.

4. Subscribe to the Stone Cold Arsenal newsletter
The newsletter is a separate feature from the day to day articles. It’s also another way we can bring you periodic content that will add value to your experience with us.

Simply fill in the form below to start receiving our newsletter. Remember, the newsletter subscription is totally different from subscribing to the day to day articles described in no. 2 earlier.

While they will both land in your in-box, the content is going to be different.

Here’s the form to subscribe to our newsletter.

If you have any questions about subscribing to any part of Stone Cold Arsenal, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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